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Brookdale IFP Limited

Welcome to Brookdale IFP Ltd - Independent Financial Planning

Brookdale IFP Ltd specialises in helping our clients to plan their lives and meet their goals and objectives through the efficient management of their financial affairs.

Money and assets fundamentally influence our life experiences, for better and for worse. By identifying the key objectives and goals of clients, we can help them to better arrange their financial affairs in order to maximise the likelihood of achieving their aims, whilst at the same time looking to protect their future (and that of their family) from unexpected events. These plans are regularly reviewed in order to keep them on track, in light of any changes to personal circumstances, or external events, such as changes to tax legislation.

Often, the focus of a discussion with a financial adviser is around what happens if you die. Whilst we acknowledge that protecting your dependents in the event of your death is very important, we also prefer to put a lot of focus on planning for life - helping you to identify your real objectives in life, and building a plan to maximise your chances of achieving the things that are of most importance to you.

The service that we offer works best with people who are committed to work with us to design, implement and follow a life-long financial plan. These people value building a long-term relationship with a well-qualified, experienced financial planning professional, who will work with them over the years and help them overcome life's challenges.

For many people, perhaps used to seeing a different face every time they meet their financial adviser, the reassurance of seeing the same person year in, year out, and the trust and confidence that comes from that deep relationship is the most vital ingredient in the service that we offer.

If you like the sound of what we do please email us at or call us on 0151 677 0467 to arrange a no obligation initial meeting. Brookdale IFP Ltd do not charge for this initial meeting, which is aimed at determining whether or not we can assist you.


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